Billy’s House Transitional Housing

Billy’s House is the Phoenix Center’s transitional housing program for homeless men and women who are HIV+. Many people who are homeless are wondering where they might get their next meal, where they will sleep, and they are worrying about how to stay safe. Many facilities are not welcoming to those who are HIV+. and  These stressors, along with substance abuse issues, lack of medical care, mental health issues, and poor nutrition are what make this safe, supportive housing program so needed. The goal of this program is to link clients to medical and mental health services, substance abuse treatment, education, work, disability – whatever their needs are and to make appropriate referrals.

To apply for housing, you can contact Jonna or Anthony @ 528-5253 for an intake screening or have a case manager, social worker, or other professional contact us on your behalf. There will be a review of the information provided to determine if Billy’s House is the right fit.