Big Brother Big Sister “Phoenix Pride” Mentoring Program

Mission: To empower LGBTQ youth to live full, happy and productive lives. The mentors serve as role models and help the youth navigate through the questions and issues of being L-G-B and/or T.  This is accomplished through frank, informal, one-on-one conversations.

About the Program: LGBTQ identity development is a lifelong process. Unlike many other minority populations, most LGBTQ individuals are not raised in families or community environments that reflect their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Thus, mentorship and friendships with other LGBTQ individuals is often critical to a healthy development.   In collaboration with the Phoenix Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Illinois Capital Region formed the Phoenix Pride Mentoring Program.

If you are interested in becoming a “Big” for this program, complete the application below and submit it to:

Big Brother Big Sister of the IL Capital Region

928 S. Spring Street, Springfield, IL 62704

Attention Yvonne

Volunteer Application Phoenix Mentoring Program